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Protecting your account information

On Monday, September 8, Home Depot® confirmed that their payment systems have been breached. Customers who made purchases with debit or credit cards at U.S and Canadian Home Depot stores may face the potential for fraud.

According to Home Depot’s latest statement:

  • This issue impacts purchases made from April 2014 forward
  • There is no evidence that Home Depot online purchases have been impacted
  • Debit card PINs do not appear to have been compromised
  • At this time, you do not need to call Bank of America to learn if you're impacted. You can continue using your Bank of America debit or credit card while knowing that we are always working to help protect your financial information.

    • We proactively monitor your accounts for fraud with industry-leading fraud protection measures. If we believe your account is at risk for fraud, we will contact you. Please take a moment to make sure we have your current email address and phone number. You can update your information any time within Online Banking.
    • All your Bank of America cards are protected with our free Zero Liability Guarantee if fraud does occur.
    • We also encourage you to monitor your accounts in Online Banking and Mobile Banking and let us know immediately if you notice fraudulent transactions. Additionally, you can set up proactive alerts to track your account activity.
    • If you receive an email or phone call from someone requesting your personal information on behalf of Bank of America, please send an email to For additional information on how to keep your information safe, please visit the Privacy & Security section at
    • Know that fraud does not actually have to occur on your account for us to use these measures on your behalf. We take these proactive steps to help minimize any occurrence of fraud and protect all our customers.